Tailor-made courses, Coaching, and Development programs

Zero-Nonsense learning & Development

We use a sensible approach to assess training needs, focus on pain points and measure results.

Team Development

Training courses for new or existing employees, tailor-made to the organization culture and business area.

Leadership Training

Training courses that help team leaders guide the ship forward. From basic skills for new managers, to hard skills related to Project or Product management.

Business Development

Training courses that help business leaders understand the market, create business plans and follow them to success.

Team Development

Training courses for new and existing employees

From creating happiness at all contact points to techniques for resolving conflicts and context for when to use each one, we help create an environment where success comes naturally

  • Customer Experience
  • Conflict Management
  • Organization Culture

Leadership training

Training courses that help team leaders guide the ship forward

From formal leadership skills, like creating a meaningful evaluation process or techniques for resolving conflicts and context for when to use them, to Project or Product steering abilities, like managing time, resources and budget.

  • Team Evaluation
  • Conflict Management for Managers
  • My Role in the Team
  • Introduction to Project Management

Business Development

Training courses for business leaders

From core skills like making and evaluating data-driven decisions, to tracking the right metrics and creating systems for transparent, predictable decisions.

  • Product Management Fundamentals
  • Reading Numbers
  • Prioritization
  • Stakeholder Management

Zero nonsense

Zero-nonsense is a welcome return to truth and clarity in business. This means that we practice and encourage data-driven decisions, clear and concise communication and results orientation.

This is how we do business, this is what we teach, and our process reflects that.

The process

We believe in tailor-made learning and development programs suited to your specific company needs. 


We assess the training needs and create a training plan


Where the actual training happens


We measure results and create a follow-up plan


Where a organization processes are put in place to maintain and refresh the core concepts


We'd love to get in touch with you and discuss your training needs.