The Black Brick Academy Team

With a background in leading teams and projects, we have delivered 1000+ hours of training over the course of the past 6 years. Working in the corporate environment, we  focused on themes like conflict management, leadership, customer experience and organization culture, delivering training sessions in English, Romanian and French.

We also have business consultants in our team, people with a background in product management and software development. Over the course of the past 10 years, this team has had the opportunity to teach, coach and deliver the odd keynote. As consultants, we have focused on product management, business processes, and market analysis.

The Zero-Nonsense Manifesto

We are actively trying to return the business environment to truth and clarity.

In a world full of where buzzwords and bombastic wording are routinely used instead of clear arguments, we choose to rely on idea’s own strength. Which is to say that we are willing to let go of ideas that are cannot stand on their own.

We accept that conflict, in its many forms, is something that exists and that avoiding it at all costs is usually a recipe for failure. We therefore try to have uncomfortable conversations sooner rather than later.

We recognize that setbacks are a part of everyday life, and choose to point them out early and directly.

And, of course, we believe in data-driven decisions, clear goals, and not adding an item to a list just because three is a good number to have.

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