Case Studies

We will present a few case studies relating to our services

Black Brick Case Studies

Needs Assessment Case Study

One of our constant efforts is to provide dedicated training programs. It is a major part of what we believe to be our Zero Nonsense approach. This is the reason we choose to open our collaboration with most of our clients with a need assessment.

Within that period of evaluating the department we establish the main focus areas and propose an action plan to tackle the improvement points. It is worth mentioning that another benefit of a need assessment is to get to know the organisation.

After the common grounds on which  each institution is built, there are specificities regarding history, level of development, culture and leadership team that we take into consideration to determine the answer to the most important question at this time: what is the next step?

Young Managers Case Study

We give special attention to the leadership team. In the SenseApproach ™ we understand the impact that management forming, or lack thereof, could have on the organisation’s activity. Their role is regarded through three big lenses: activity management, people management and HR attributes. 

Of course there are a lot more faces to this beast! And the need assessment should be able to tell us exactly where are the improvement points.

Although lengthy, the managers’ training focuses on ability, attitude and immediate application as, usually, this is the place in the organisation that delivers the impact on development.

As all our trainings, the managers’ one can and we recommend to be continued with further applications, like coaching or mentoring.

Young Managers Case Study

Training Sessions

Not all improvement points can be tackled with training. But what is? An ideal situation of an in-and-out intervention followed by visible increase in results is rare. 

Finally, the training sessions. Real life situations are always a part of our designs and the action plans go beyond the delivery hours, for maximum impact. A sure bet for a training to be just a drop in the ocean is to not link it to future behaviours and expectations and this is where the the follow-up appears.

Awareness from the leadership, changes in procedures or culture are always welcomed and have shown to generate beneficial change for the ultimate goal: sustainable development.


Training Topics

We know that maybe you would like to see a list of training options or packages, but this is exactly what we try to stay away from. Every company is unique and our aim is to tailor a course program tailored to those specific needs. 


However, we do specialize in the following training topics: 


Leadership training


Customer Experience


Project Management


Learning and Development Strategy



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